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Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.....

I think it was Wayne Dyer who said that….

How’s things? Quite frankly, I have been feeling a bit lonely and unsettled. Most who know me know how much I cherish my “alone time”. But seriously, this is a bit much….. Because of my compromised lungs, I chose to self-isolate about 10 days ago. This morning I made another choice – surrender and be. And, you know what? I feel so much better! For me, focusing on what I CAN do is helping – riding my bike, going for walks, getting outside with this gift of beautiful weather we have here in West Chester, Pa! I’m choosing joy and hope you are too. Please share some of your joy with me! Visit the contact section above and tell me about the joy you are finding in this crazy-ass world we are living in right now!

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