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It’s taken away……or is it? I can’t see my people in the flesh or hug them but I can still talk to them every day. We’re told to stay home…government orders. I can choose to make all of this ok, or not. I can choose to make the local park my gym and I can choose to get out on my bike; ride by one of my people’s home so I can see their beautiful face and blow them a kiss from over 6’ away.

I woke up in a mediocre mood today and I had a choice…work toward changing it, or don’t. You see, that choice was somewhat easy; I don’t want this mediocre mood because accepting it may lead to a mediocre life – and I want an extraordinary life! What makes one’s life extraordinary? I can’t speak for you, for me it means choosing joy, even when it’s hard. Even when the stock market crashes and your financial future is uncertain, even when you're told to “shelter in place” for weeks….alone, even when you can’t see your people, or anyone for that matter, even when you feel lonely and even when you feel scared.

Joy and fear, joy and loneliness and joy and frustration can all live in the same place. While being ordered home, my practice is being my own unconditional friend, no judgement. Allowing myself to be, accepting my emotions, being kind to myself and working hard to find the beauty and joy in all of it…why? Because I can – it’s a choice.

It’s a tough time to fundraise, but patients with lung cancer are at high-risk if coronavirus enters their system. It remains vitally important to save, extend, and improve the lives of those with lung cancer. I earnestly ask that you contribute to my 60 for Sixty campaign and help make a difference for the lung cancer community. 

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